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History at Date

The history of ONIX Group of Companies began in 1992, when a company of the same name was started in St. Petersburg.

Looking through stages of ONIX development, one can trace peculiarities of Russian business formation at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries. A lot of companies that are well-known today appeared in the Russian market in early 90’s and started with a “single computer”, “single machine”. The key to success of such companies, in particular ONIX, lies not just in “beneficial” conditions for start of a business and its development, but in competent management and the ability to attract necessary resources to find solutions for certain tasks.

As a contemporary Russian business structure, we have passed a rather long way of evolution due to our acquired ability to adapt to rapidly changing social and economic environment, while preserving our internal seamlessness, our core lines.
ONIX’s ability to quickly respond to changes in market environment is proved by the stages of its history of development. Thus, in the beginning of the 90's the company was specializing mainly in sales of audio, video, and office equipment and imported clothes, while 5-6 years later it shifted its development priorities.

The period of Russian business “maturing” in the end of 90’s – the beginning of the 2000’s brought to the forefront the notion of social responsibility that has become one of the key ideas of today. Civilized business is unthinkable without social responsibility, which is, first of all, responsibility to the society, exploration and development of competitive business trends.

Formation of financial and manufacturing businesses of ONIX as well as its activities in marketing, management, and business and individual services in the end of 90’s – beginning of the 2000’s were determined by the strategy pursued by the top-management of the Group answering modern demands of the present time.

Today, ONIX Group actively develops its business in the sphere of finances, construction and development (commercial management of real estate) and also becomes involved in projects related to introduction of innovative information technologies and security systems, establishes new companies specializing in these fields.

ONIX sees its mission in contributing to Russian industrial growth and development of different sectors of Russian business and industry by means of highly professional management of innovative investment projects.



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