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 20th Anniversary of "ONIX" Group of Companies.

 Foundation of "Center of Cartographic Technologies" for the purpose of development of basic special data and digital topographical charts of various subjects and scales.

 Establishment of "TGT E-data" company: nautical products supplies to shipping companies all over the world.

 Opening of a branch of "North-Western Investment-Industrial Bank" in Moscow, in Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya st., 15.

 "North-Western Investment-Industrial Bank" became a member of the SWIFT international accounts system.

 "ONIX" Group of Companies associated the "Nautical House" production company.

 The “ROSTRA” business centre was placed in operation;

 The “SEVZAPINVESTPROMBANK” received professional equity market participant’s licences of unlimited duration to carry out brokerage, dealer activities and entrusted administration.

 “Vuoksa virta” cottage village started to sell parcels;

The “Delo-Lesmaster” enterprise launched the production and building of frame, panel and timber houses of its own materials;

The “Stroybalt” building company withdrew from the “Onix” group.

 ONIX Group celebrated its 15th anniversary from the date of incorporation of its first company;

 North-West Investment Bank: 15 years of work in the financial services market;

 ONIX Group is actively engaged in investment development projects (commercial real estate, construction of high-class country cottages);

 Ńreation of a detective agency Adera.

 Together with Transas Group of Companies, ONIX Group established a company Transas Computers;

  NW Investment Bank became a member of the National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR);

  Delo-Lesmaster celebrated its 10th anniversary. Within the framework of the investment project for modernization and reconstruction of the saw mill, state-of-the-art equipment was purchased, and the motor park of the enterprise was supplemented; Delo-Lesmaster became a nominee of the UN project “Support for Export-oriented Small and Medium Innovative Companies” in the North-West District of the Russian Federation;

  Due to reorganization of ONIX’s activities, the following companies terminated operating or changed their specialization: Skandia Group, LSK, Severnye Okna,  Onix Consulting and WPC Services; Campay and  Advertising Agency Bridge withdrew from ONIX Group of Companies.

 Start-up of technical re-equipment and modernization project at knitting factory “NICA”, with support of NW INVESTMENT BANK and “NW Pension Fund”.

  Metline implemented a strategy for extending its manufacturing capabilities
(purchase of equipment of international standards);
a new site for metal scrap processing of the total area of 2 hectare was put into operation at Volkhonskoye Shosse;

 Security enterprise Gran was established.

 Start-up of ONIX Group renovated web-site.

 NW INVESTMENT BANK becomes a member of the Association of North-West Banks.

 Start of works on real estate projects. Set-up of a new company “Spetsproekt”: building reconstruction projects management.

 Scandia Group has four stores.

 “Northern Windows” opens a dealer network in different regions of Russia.

 “WPC services” is set up jointly with a team of highly qualified experts of wood processing industry from North America.

 “IMS Engineering” completes works on construction and start-up of “LVL-Ugra” plant.

 A representative office of NW Investment Bank is opened in Moscow.

 Set-up of “EuroLeasing”: import and leasing of best world brands equipment.


Establishing of “Onix-Consulting” — the company which provides consulting services.


 Travel agency “RozaTour” starts operating.

 Start of regular export supplies of LSK furniture component parts to Finland.

 “Chart Pilot” Ltd. engaged in scientific, technical, production and management activities in the field of cartography, becomes a member of ONIX Group.

 NW Investment Bank head office is moved to Saint Petersburg .

 “Scandia” is transformed into a trading group — Scandia Group.

 Start of wooden windows production in Gatchina (“Northern Windows”).

 Set-up of a new company “Metline”: storage, processing and export of ferrous metal scrap.

 Agency “Bridge” becomes an official provider of the advertising services to the city administration.

 “Universal Capital Bank” is renamed into “North-West Investment Bank”.

 “IMS Engineering” starts working on an innovative project of “LVL-Ugra” plant construction in Nyagan, Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Region.

 Start of regular export supplies of LSK furniture component parts to USA and Canada.

 “ONIX — net technologies and computers” starts participating in pan-Russian tenders for equipment supply and assemblage.

 A local branch of “Universal Capital Bank” is opened in Saint Petersburg.

 Acquisition of 50% share of “Delo” (saw mill) in Priozersk. “Les-Master” Ltd. is set up as a provider of logistics services for “Delo”. Start of a long-term investment programme at “Delo-LesMaster” aimed at modernization of the mill.

 Acquisition and modernization of LSK furniture factory.

 ONIX computer division (sales of computers) becomes a separate company “ONIX — network technologies and computers”.

 Acquisition and modernization of production site “TPK Gatchina-1”. Start of thermal-pane windows production in Gatchina (Leningrad region). Creation of a new company “Northern Windows” for distribution of goods produced at the mill.

 Joint Stock Bank “Universal Capital Bank” is acquired in Great Novgorod jointly with “Euromanagement”.

 Beginning of cooperation with Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region on new projects.

 ONIX computer division works only with corporate clients.

 “Scandia” becomes the exclusive distributor of CLAIRE in Russia and CIS. Two more “Scandia” stores are opened.

 Signing of a trade agreement between “Scandia” and CLAIRE for distribution of women's clothes from Denmark

 ONIX representative office is opened in Moscow.

 Jointly with “O.S.V.” Company, an advertising agency “Bridge” is set up.

 Expansion of “Scandia” stores dealer network in Tyumen, Great Novgorod, Kazan.

 ONIX computer division starts working with federal structures.

 ONIX — official distributor of Brother Industries Incorporated Ltd. in North-West of Russia.

 “Scandia” obtains the exclusive right for sales of Giovani clothes in Russia.

 “Scandia” is set up: imported clothes trade. First store of clothes, underwear and shoes is opened.

 A chain of stores of audio and video stores is opened in Saint Petersburg. Start of import and retailing of men's Giovani (Norway) clothes.

 28 August — ONIX is founded. Import and retailing of Brother office equipment. Sales of computers and computer equipment.



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