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Manpower policy pursued in ONIX is directed towards providing our personnel with highly comfortable conditions for their professional and creative growth.

Prime objectives:

  • support and supervision of new employees by experienced specialists; 
  • optimization and control of working conditions of the staff;
  • creation and development of corporate culture.

The strategy of harmonious development of ONIX and its entities does not imply pursuing the same manpower policy in all companies of the Group. We think that attempts to fabricate and impose from the top some memo about corporate values, social programmes, etc. are doomed to fail, even if the best experts would be involved in this process. Leaders of every company member of the Group are free to introduce some manpower policy different from that of other entities. The possibility of individual corporate strategy implementation is an indispensable condition for the productive development of the whole holding and its companies.

Our employees are people of different ages. This gives us reliability and steadiness on one hand, and ability to change and be open for something new, on the other hand. We offer our people a wide range of possibilities for professional development and creative potential. As a rule, personnel replacements in ONIX are connected with moves between divisions. To fill vacant executive positions we mostly attract people from the Óinner resources" of the Group.

Some companies in the group have a tradition of corporate parties. We are now working on the idea of joint holidays and parties.

Strong corporate traditions and a reliable staff: these factors provide stability for the ONIX Group. Growing and changing, we manage to keep our main treasure — corporate spirit, the feeling of unity based on common values, objectives and ideas.


In ancient times,
black striped onyxes
were believed to be stones
of longevity. Onyx with
alternating black and white stripes brings success.

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