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NW Investment Bank

NW Investment Bank

NW Investment Bank offers a wide range of banking services for legal entities and private clients. It is a rapidly growing financial enterprise in the North-West of Russia. The main activities of the bank are oriented towards encouragement of business activities in the leading industries of the country: woodworking, machine-building, and oil and gas production.

Implementing the policy of a universal bank, NW Investment Bank renders a great variety of services: cash settlement services, deposit and credit operations, plastic card issuing and servicing, conversions.  It actively develops such activities as project financing, factoring, consumer credits, and mortgage.
When providing services to our clients, we use cutting-edge technologies of investment banking and apply modern approaches of western management.

We offer:

Corporate banking:

  • loan schemes; 
  • deposit and bill transactions;
  • conversion; 
  • control of foreign exchanges;
  • competitive interest rates;
  • low charges;
  • “Bank-Client” system.

Retail banking:

  • consumer credits;
  • competitive interest rates;
  • low charges;
  • “Bank-Client” system.

Our bank pursues the policy of openness for any proposals and develops partnership relations with many leading Russian companies, and therefore exhibits high rates of growth in all lines of its activities and considerably straightens its positions at the financial market. The bank aims at widening the circle of its agents and offers advantageous conditions for cooperation and forming a basis for building long-term relations by way of creation of an optimal system of financial services, which would answer the clients’ demands.


36/38, Marata str., 
St. Petersburg, Russia, 191040,  
tel.: +7 (812) 622-11-60
fax:+7 (812) 622-11-61



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