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Textile Factory Nika

Textile Factory Nika

St. Petersburg Textile Factory NIKA is one of the largest enterprises of the light industry of the North-West Region. It manufactures a wide range of products designed to answer the demands of the mass customer.

Today, the main trend of the factory’s activities is performance of functions of a production operator engaged in manufacturing knitwear in compliance with modern standards.

The annual output of NIKA, working at non-full capacity, is 400 thousand units of products made to order. The factory possesses comprehensive facilities for cutting; considerable areas of workshops are occupied with cutting tables.

The main scope of services of NIKA:

  • cutting;
  • fabrication;
  • knitting;
  • finishing.

The wide range of production possibilities and high qualification of personnel allow the factory to work with various types of materials (knitted and woven fabrics). Well-known Russian and foreign companies having developed distribution nets and their own brand stores use services of the factory on a regular basis.

The factory plans to continue reinforcing its positions at the knitting industry market and sees among its objectives its further development as a production operator.



Zanevsky pr, 30, building 2,
195112, St. Petersburg
tel.:+7 (812) 528-38-64




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