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Construction of a country cottage complex Vuoksa Virta is a development project of ONIX GROUP being implemented in a prestigious region of Leningrad Oblast (15 km from Losevo Village, Vuoksa River). The area of the territory for construction is 7 Ga.

Sale of land for summer houses with arranged networks for individual construction is one of promising trends of activities of ONIX GROUP. The main objective of the development works is creation and improvement of land as a new product with a higher market status.
32 plots of areas from1,600 to 2,000 square meters are planed in the territory of the future village.

The scope of works under the project includes:

  • installation of heating, power and water (from an artesian well) supply systems, local sewerage system; 
  • land improvement and development of infrastructure in the territory (arrangement of a beach with a pier, construction of unpaved roads and street lighting networks, guest parking station and sport ground), protection and safety of the territory.

The concept of Vuoksa Virta cottage complex consists in creation of a development product with a competitive price in environmentally sound area of Leningrad Oblast remote from the city border.
For installation of engineering networks of the complex only gentle technologies are used to preserve the unique natural landscape of Karelian Isthmus.


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