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Chart Pilot

Chart Pilot

“Chart Pilot” handles scientific, technical, producing and managing activities in the field of cartography. “Chart Pilot” is an exclusive company that distributes of cartography products.

The main lines of our activities are connected with studies, creation and use of cartographic products, production and distribution of paper and electronic charts.

We offer:

  • cartographical products distribution (sales of charts issued by the Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Ministry of Defense of Russia );
  • navigation safety and marine accidents prevention (proofing and revision of nautical charts and guides),
  • shipboard collections maintenance, distribution of “Notices to mariners”;
  • cartographical services (developing of drafts for new and existing nautical charts, conversion of charts into digital format).

We have created a wide distribution network. “Chart Pilot” representatives operate in many big cities of Russia, such as: Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Novorossiysk, Astrakhan, Sevastopol and Vladivostok. Our customers are ship owners, port administrators, ship repair companies, ship chandlers, yacht-clubs, and fishermen. We have long-term partnership relations with such organizations as: “ERNK” (Novorossiysk), “SK Volga Shipping” (Nizhny Novgorod), “Volga-Neva” (Saint Petersburg), “Veduschy” (Samara), “Murmansk Marine Shipping” (Murmansk), “Giroscop” (Vladivostok), Unimars Navigation (Latvia), Vassilev Maritime Transport and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd (Turkey), FIVE OCEANS CONSULTANTS (USA).


15, Dvinskaya str.,
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 198035,
tel.: + 7 (812) 327-19-77
fax: +7 (812) 327-09-03



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