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Security Company GRAN

Security Company GRAN

Security Company GRAN renders comprehensive services to its customers in compliance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Private Investigation and Security Activities in the Territory of the Russian Federation”.

The company offers:

  • protection of life and health;
  • protection of property, including cases of its transportation;
  • public order at places of conducting mass events;
  • observance of confidentiality principles.

Provision of the full range of security services to companies and enterprises is a guarantee of reliable protection of clients’ interests against unlawful invasion of any third party.

Security Company Gran gives advice to clients, prepares recommendations with respect to preventive measures against crisis situations, and develops schemes of cooperation with law-enforcement bodies in cases of a threat to property interests of an owner, as well as to the life or health of a person.

Gran has approved itself as a reliable partner; different companies and financial institutions interested in solid security and safety of their personnel, business and property interests use its services.


Kolokolnaya, 3,
191025, St. Petersburg
tel.: +7 (812) 764-32-05
fax: +7 (812) 764-07-20




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