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Detective Agency Adera

Detective Agency Adera

Detective Agency Adera provides services in the sphere of private detective activities in compliance with Russian Federation legislation.

The scope of its investigation activities includes:

  • collecting information on arbitration, civil and criminal affairs; 
  • studying market conditions, collecting information for the purpose of detecting unreliable partners; investigation of cases of unfair completion, as well as cases of disclosing information which represents a trade secret
  • obtaining biographical and other data characterizing certain people (upon their written consent) in case they enter into employment or other agreements;
  • search for missing people and property lost by citizens or organizations.

Detective Agency Adera, which has the status of a private detective enterprise, is enabled to provide support to law-enforcement bodies. 

Highly qualified personnel of the agency render the full range of services in the sphere of legal investigation activities for the purposes of protection of lawful rights and interests of clients, as well as representation of interests of citizens and legal entities in civil, criminal, arbitration or administrative proceedings, pretrial procedures and work with claims, legal support for business, protection of interests of car owners.


Bankovsky per., 4, Office 1,
191014, St. Petersburg
tel.: +7 (812) 600-65-24, 25
fax: +7 (812) 600-65-26



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