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  Objectives and Strategy  

ONIX Group has been operating in the Russian market since 1992. During this period we have accumulated colossal experience in implementation of projects in different spheres of business and industry; we are actively developing competitive trends by way of consolidation of professional, financial, and management resources.

Our intention is to further implement the policy of development of economically promising business lines, preserving and multiplying all positive experience gained at different stages of the Groupís history.

As a contemporary Russian business structure, we have passed a rather long way of evolution due to our acquired ability to adapt to rapidly changing social and economic environment, while preserving our internal seamlessness, our core lines. We quickly react to fluctuating market conditions by means of updating our corporate strategy, developing main trends of activities and eagerly getting engaged in entirely new prospective projects.

Today, the main scope of activities of the Group includes finances, construction, development, and a number of other activities in different industries, which meet current needs of Russian market and the tendencies of its growth. The management system of the holding is based on the principals of single management methodology, single system of cash flows, etc., with a possibility for each member-company to implement its own corporate strategy.

ONIX values its people as its main asset. Our staff possesses not only high qualifications, but also, and this is especially precious, the unique corporate and individual experience that helps them to deal with both regular and non-standard tasks. Our manpower policy is directed towards providing our personnel with highly comfortable conditions for their professional and creative growth.

We take as a basis modern Russian and foreign experience in the fields of manufacturing and management; we adhere to a systematic approach and take part in every stage of our projects:  from business plan development to marketing finished products. Unlike many other companies, we implement investment projects in practice.

Civilized business is unthinkable without social responsibility. We understand it as responsibility to the society and the future of the country. We see our mission as contributing to exploration and development of competitive business trends by encouraging and supporting different sectors of domestic business and industry.


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